Disease Control


Provide all state required immunizations to adults by appointment.

Sexually Transmited Infection Testing

Provide free STD testing, diagnosis, counseling, treatment, and/or referral.

Sickle Cell and Related Hemoglobins

Provide free testing and counseling for trait or disease.


The North Carolina Tuberculosis Contol Program, located in the Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Human Services, is the lead agency in combating tuberculosis in the state.

Davidson County Health Department’s goal is to:

- Quickly diagnose and treat tuberculosis disease

- Promptly investigate all suspected exposures to each and every case of TB

- Strongly encourage preventative treatment for people who are at risk of developing TB disease

Travel Vaccines

If you are travleing abroad you may need additional vaccines.

Please call (336) 242-2300 and ask a Communicable Disease Nurse for more information.

Disease Control services are provided to help Davidson County Residents stay healthy, and to prevent the spread of Communicable Diseases. This is accomplished through health promotion, prevention, early identification, treatment and intervention.